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iroppoi ichigo

camwhorin' it up

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Here's the original user info from before I changed it into a community...:
So here's how it works around here. My friend/older-brother-figure Justin said unto me one day, take pictures of thine outfits every day that I may see them; yea, even when we are nigh upon 120 leagues separated!
And I figured, well, if I'm taking these damn camwhore-esque pictures anyway, I may as well do a fruits-type thing.
Due to laziness and shame over such a narcissistic practice, there will not be pictures everyday. (Particularly the ones where I didn't go anywhere so I just lazed about in pajamas all day.)
Please keep in mind that I'm not the most photogenic of girls.

Joining is unmoderated but posts aren't. If your posts are consistently un post-worthy, I'll boot you. Don't take it personal. It's a fashion forward community, so you can post daily outfit pictures, your latest designs, or something cool you've just sewn up. Go for it. I'm leaving my data in the profile, since currently I'm the primary poster, but if more people join up I'll take it down.