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A dress for a mad tea party

I liiiiiive, my children, I liiiiiive. And not only do I live, but I sew. This was for the collection I made in Women's Wear last quarter; my group got assigned "designer" (vs. budget, contemporary, juniors, etc.), and our theme was "Urban Fairytale." Outfit one of three from my subgroup entitled "Alice in Suburbia." Fabrics are from my work, Rimmon Fabrics by Pico and Sepulveda. Anyone who lives in LA should go check it out, we have some awesome stuff. I used a silk.... tweed, I guess... and a pre-pleated purple silk. Shoes are from payless! I wore this to Brandon's aunt's birthday party on October the 15 and got many compliments (even before people found out I'd made it myself). I know I look terrible in the first picture and notsogreat in the fourth. :[
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