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Visual Kei Event

Hi guys! Anyone interested in visual kei here? I`m working with a group here in Japan, to bring around 5-6 bands from Japan to california to perform. There will be contests and other things of the sort going on too. We will try to have vendors (not sure yet) so we may be able to bring over some shops based in Japan, or just bring the items over for them ^^. (Lolita fashions, visual kei, goth lolita, etc.)
If anyone is interested in attending let me know! And if you guys are interested in purchasing clothes from Japan, let me know what kinds of things you guys are looking for so we know what to try to bring over.
If theres enough interest, perhaps we may have a contest to even give away something like a complete dress outfit from (for example) Baby, The Stars Shine Bright ( If there`s no interest in it of course it is pointless ^^ so let me know!
We need event staff and people to help promote the project also so if you`re interested please e-mail me at .
Right now we are looking to have the event held at Marriot hotel in santa clara, and another place in san diego but location has not been decided. When the venues contact me, and after we have held the meeting, I will post more information!
If I`m not supposed to post things like this here I apologize and please feel free to delete asap ^^;;.

Again, contact me at if you`re interested or have any suggestions! Thanks for reading!!
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