K-yo (sanguinetalons) wrote in strawberryshame,

encouraging ichigo_neko to post more often by posting myself

Sorry the photos are so crappy looking...my camera is being fussy again.

Top: Boob part sewn from a McCalls pattern, altered to fit me because the pattern was too small and because I didn't like the bottom. Alterations: 1. made the straps that tie behind the neck about 6 inches longer 2. different bottom altogether (I tried another style and didn't like it so this one won out) 3. ribbon detail. The ribbon detail was hand sewn on so it doesn't lay quite right. :/ Also, the bottom part doesn't fit right around my waist...I need to add some darts or something someday when I'm feeling adventurous. The fabric was free, though, from my friend...the ribbon cost me $2 and the zipper like $7? It also needs some more finishing on it...
Bottom: Skirt from salvation army ($10)
Boots: Mervyn's ages ago.

I'm so frustrated with sewing right now...I need a break.
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