K-yo (sanguinetalons) wrote in strawberryshame,

Thursday (I love rich colors.)

(in the mirror)

(for the boots)

My camera isn't cooperating today. :(

Sport-coat: Amy Byer, Macy's $10 on clearance last Spring (has really fine pink pinstripes that the picture doesn't do justice to -.- )
Button-up Undershirt: Express World Brand, Thriftstore
Bowtie: Self creation, brocade scraps
Straight Black Skirt: Kathie Lee Collection, Thrift Store < $5
Hooker Boots: Predictions, Payless $25 (or less)

The bowtie doesn't show enough, I think it'd look better finished with maybe a nice darker pink ribbon tied in a bow under the collar. Also debated wearing with it brown shoes rather than black, which would match the overcoat rather than the skirt.

Too bad I'm not brave enough to actually wear the whole ensemble on a Thursday. ^.^ I've worn the shirt-coat combo several times though.

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